About Curtain Call

Through use of an intuitive interface that features easy to follow
directions, you or your child can have fun creating original stop
motion animations. When completed, you will then have the
ability to save or share their new creations via Twitter (additional
sharing options to be added in future releases). If saved, you can
then easily use your device to rewatch or share the animated
GIF-format movie with your friends or family.

How It Works

Make and share your own 20-frame stop
motion movies with Curtain Call Lite! This free,
child-focused app allows each user to create,
save or share basic stop motion movies as
animated GIF files.
Gather props and set
up a scene.
Shoot your stop
motion movie.
Rewatch or share
your animated gif.

Get The App

  • 100% free to use with no advertisements!
  • 20 onion-skinned animation frames per movie
  • Creates animated GIF files which are easily shared
  • No personal information collected
* Available for Android Only. IOS App Coming Soonish...